Creating a Virtual Lab Application, "Rebahan" Team of UNY Wins First Winner In The Loyalism LKTIN

Physics education students consisting of Reno Nurdiyanto, Effendi Malik and Febriani with the team name "Rebahan" under the guidance of Dr.Pujianto, M. Pd. created the LightWave Lab Virtual Application as a solution to distance learning (PJJ) problems during the COVID-19 pandemic. This application is designed to create active and independent physics learning on light wave material.

Febriani said that physics subjects from the start were often considered difficult by students. "This is because physics seems abstract and only deals with formulas, plus the current PJJ situation has caused students to tend to choose to lie down and be lazy in studying, especially independently.". said Febri.

This brought the 'Rebahan" team to include this work in the LKTIN Loyalism event organized by the Telkom Surabaya Institute of Technology. Effendi Malik said that the event raised a theme relevant to the current situation: "ICT Innovation for the Development of New Education in the New Normal Era in Making the Independent Learning-Independent Campus Program a Success".

"254 participants attended this event and went through the abstract, full paper, poster selection stages and finally, the final by the ten best participants from various universities in Indonesia, which was held online via Zoom meeting on Wednesday, March 24 2021," Effendi said.

Reno Nurdiyanto admitted that he was grateful to be the winner with his team in this event, "We have high hopes that this application will not only stop at competitions but can also be applied to help students be enthusiastic and not fall when learning physics."