Successfully Fabricating Nanomaterials, Department of Physics Education Team Wins 2nd Place at UNYSEF

The Department of Physics Educationn Team, UNY, won 2nd place in the UNY Scientific Fair (UNNYSEF) Scientific Writing Competition, organized by the Research Student Activity Unit of UNY (UKM-P). Please note that UNYSEF is an annual writing event held as a series of Festival events UNY. The team was chaired by Athi' Nur Auliati Rahmah (Physics Education 2018), whose members were Bian Itsna Ashfa Al Ashfiya (Physics 2019) and Muhammad Rizki (Physics 2019). They impressed the judges by developing an innovative concept for purifying tofu factory waste using carbon nanodot technology as an environmentally friendly photocatalyst. The liquid waste in their research resulted from a home-based tofu factory at the Krapyak Tofu Industrial Center, Seyegan, Sleman, DIY. Considering that there is tofu processing waste there that has not been utilized. Thanks to the team's hard work and teamwork, they succeeded in going through the abstract, article, video presentation, and question-and-answer selection stages until they were crowned 2nd place winners at the closing of the  Festival, UNY on May 29, 2021, online via Zoom.


This research, developed with Mr. Wipsar Sunu Brams Dwandanu, Ph., can provide essential benefits, namely the processing of tofu waste based on the principles of waste, by waste, and for waste. Therefore, it is important to carry out this research to immediately find a way to process tofu waste in the home-based tofu industry in Krapyak so that it does not pollute the environment. It is hoped that the results of this research can be a recommendation for the home tofu industry in Krapyak and other factories to create environmentally friendly waste processing installations to realize regional independence and utilize local potential. Viva UNY!