Department of Physics Team Wins MTQMN UNY

Laatifah (Physics 2018) and Furi Ningsih Sri Sukowati (Physics Education 2018) managed to get 1st place in MTQ (Musabaqoh Tilawatil Quran) UNY which was held on 26-27 February 2021 and 2nd place in MTQMN (National Student Musabaqoh Tilawatil Quran) which was held on 3- April 4 2021. Please note that the MTQ event is organized internally by UNY, while UNY organizes MTQM nationally. Mr. Khafidh Nur Aziz, M. Sc, guided the team. This is superior to the 400 participants throughout Indonesia who took part in MTQMN.


Furi explained that MTQ is a competition event in the field of religion (Islam). This competition has many branches, such as scientific writing on the content of the Al-Qur'an (KTIQ), MTQ, MHQ, MFQ, MSQ, etc. Meanwhile, the competition branch they participated in was KTIQ about how, between science and Islam, there is integralism, which shows that the Koran is the main source of guidance for Muslims. The work entitled "Disaster Risk Reduction: Introduction to Potential and Mitigation of Liquefaction Based on Grouting Methods Based on Al-Quran Perspective" made UNY proud. Hopefully, this achievement can be an inspiration for other students. Viva UNY! (Athi').