The Lecturers of Physics Education Study Program Accompany the Sustainable Professionalism Program

To develop teacher competence in schools, the physics education study program, through several lecturers who are members of the learning media research group, assists teachers at the Syuhada Mosque Integrated Islamic Junior School. This activity is a form of seriousness from the physics education study program, UNY in preparing professional teachers to make the nation's life intelligent. The activity, which was held on Tuesday (20/12/2022), raised the topic "Empowerment and Training in Writing Scientific Publications for School Teachers to Improve Continuing Professional Programs (PKB)" with four speakers, namely Drs. Juli Astono, M.Si, Dr. Pujianto, M.Pd., Drs. Yusman Wiyatmo, M.Si., and Bayu Setiaji, M.Pd.


This activity is clear evidence of the role of universities, in this case the physics education study program, to improve the quality of education in Indonesia. The hope is that teachers who have received mentoring can spread knowledge and insight to their colleagues so that the quality of learning will be even better in the future.