Vision Mission


The Physics Education Study Program is able to produce educators or educational staff in the field of physics education who are professional, independent, intellectual, superior, creative and innovative by 2025.


  1. Organizing education, carrying out research and community service in the field of physics education so as to create an institution that is able to provide professional experts in the field of physics education for the progress of the nation.
  2. Implement an education system that is able to produce graduates in the field of physics education who are independent, creative and innovative.
  3. Creating an academic culture that is able to encourage the growth of scientific, disciplined, honest, open, responsible, and noble culture attitudes
  4. Carry out mutually beneficial cooperation with other institutions both at home and abroad to support the pace of development of physics education.


  1. Producing physics educators who are competent in their field, critical, innovative and competitive at national and global levels.
  2. Producing researchers in the field of physics education who master research methodology, understand the characteristics and objects of physics education research, master ICT, understand trends in physics education research, and are able to publish research results in scientific meeting forums and journals.
  3. Producing physics education managers who master the fields of education management, curriculum and development, media and learning resources, as well as laboratory management.