Students from Yala Rajabhat University Thailand Transfer Credit at FMIPA UNY

In this even semester, 6 students from the Faculty of Technology and Agriculture, Yala Rajabhat University (YRU) Thailand took part in the credit transfer program at FMIPA UNY. They are divided into 2 departments, namely 3 people study in the Physics Education Department and 3 people study in the Chemistry Education Department.
The opening ceremony for the credit transfer program was held in the faculty meeting room (14/2) which was attended by deans, heads of study programs and students. From YRU Thailand was the Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs and Cooperation, Faculty of Science, Technology and Agriculture, YRU Dr. Lilla Adulyasas.

Yala students studying in the Physics study program are Sawiyah Sahoa, Warusnee Kasor, and Suhainee Waekachi. They study 12 credits with the courses they take, namely Geometry & Physics Optics, Electrodynamics, Core Physics, Core Physics Practicum, and Statistics. Meanwhile, those studying the Chemistry study program are Tuwaibah Jarong, Panadda Samae, and Kumaree Dahama.

In his speech, Dr. Lilla said that in our faculty there is a cooperative credit transfer program with

universities abroad, one of which is FMIPA UNY. Like UNY, at Yala there is also a sit-in program for students to study abroad. Apart from that, there are also conferences
"We also open opportunities for collaboration, including exchanging Guest Lecturers with FMIPA UNY as well as collaborating to organize workshops," he continued.
Meanwhile, the Dean of FMIPA, Dr. Hartono said that this credit transfer program was part of a collaboration between UNY and Yala Rajabhat University. Both faculties exchange students for both sit-in and credit transfer programs.

"Apart from collaborating with Yala Rajabhat University, FMIPA UNY also collaborates with several foreign universities, such as currently 9 of our students are taking credit transfers at Prince of Songkla University," explained Hartono.

He added, on 15 - 16 May 2017, FMIPA UNY will hold the 4th International Conference on Research, Implementation and Education of Mathematics and Science (ICRIEMS) and invite YRU to participate in the event. (witono)