Teaching an Indonesian school in Singapore, especially for students who are taught up to 7 classes, is a very valuable experience for Puput Pujianti. This teaching experience was carried out when Puput participated in an overseas PPL program. He said that the school was a school under the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore. “The school has one roof from elementary to high school. The learning is more active because there are fewer students and more practical work.
Puput explained this after the FMIPA UNY Undergraduate Program Judiciary event for the February 2018 period which was held on Wednesday, 28/2/18 in the faculty courtroom. Puput is a graduate of the Department of Physics Education with a GPA of 3.57. The judicium was attended by 23 participants. He further said, "Because my PPL score was A, I was given the assignment to teach 7 classes at elementary, middle and high school levels. At the junior and senior high school levels, I teach using Indonesian and English because most of the students are children of Indonesian descent who were born in Singapore. There are also students of French and Chinese descent. If something is not clear in Indonesian, then I will explain in English.
It was also said that Puput taught up to 7 classes because there were only a few teachers at the school while there were many classes. So one teacher is required to be able to teach several subjects. At this school he taught Physics, Science and Civics. “Every Monday at the school a Flag Ceremony is held. Meanwhile, on other days, morning roll call was held. "Every big day, such as Pancasila Anniversary and Kartini Day, ceremonies are also held," added Puput. (witono)