Improving Student Experience through Innovation in the Field of Education and Entrepreneurship

Practitioner activities on entering campus were attended by 6th-semester physics education students as preparation to face global challenges in society. The expected target is that 25 students will participate. After the activity, students get an overview of the world of work after graduation. An understanding of innovation and implementation of physics learning in the independent curriculum was also obtained. This activity aims to provide students with an understanding of Learning Strategies and Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. The material was presented by (1) Mr. Arjena Faizal Nurachdila, M.Pd regarding Physics Learning Innovations in the Independent Curriculum and (2) Mr. Ageng Pangestu regarding Creativity and Innovation in the World of Work in the Era of Revolution 4.0.


The results of this activity show that students already know the application of physics learning in the independent curriculum. In addition, they have understood the importance of networks in the world of work in the era of revolution 4.0. The students have understood that other skills are needed in life as a society in the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Several students asked questions regarding the independent curriculum in high school. What is the form and implementation of the curriculum? Is there a sequence or guidelines for determining material from the government, especially physics material? Based on the answers and discussions with the presenters, they knew there was a menu or general guide from the government; the essence of the activity material was there, but it did not have to be in order where teachers were free to develop the material. Regarding life in the world of work in the era of revolution 4.0, students discussed tips for success with the presenters. The presenters then answered that the ability they need to have is the ability to expand networks or connections through organizations or communities. Students must be extroverts, improve their abilities outside the field, do internships, and don't close themselves off.


Practitioner activities to enter the campus for physics education study program are routinely carried out every year and will continue to be carried out in the future by considering the needs of students in getting to know the world of work by practitioners. This aims to improve the student experience through innovation in education and entrepreneurship.