Drawing and Coloring Learning Process as Motor Stimulation for Students by Students of UNY in the Context of Campus Teaching Activities

Athi' Nur Auliati Rahmah, the Student of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) UNY student, is one of the Teaching Students of the Class I Teaching Campus programs. The Teaching Campus is one of the Independent Campus programs organized by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture to assist learning in elementary schools (SD) with maximum C accreditation in remote areas of Indonesia. Athi', who comes from Madura, is situated at SDN Guluk-Guluk II, Kec. Guluk-Guluk, Kab. Sumenep, Madura, East Java. He served in his remote village for approximately three months.


Last Saturday, June 19 2021, he had the opportunity to invite the 2nd-grade students at SDN Guluk-Guluk II to draw and color using colored pencils and crayons. Athi', who often wins international poster design competitions, teaches basic techniques for coloring manually using crayons. "Some of them drew trucks, tigers, flowers and mountains. I shared coloring techniques using crayons so they could 'blend' and blend," said Athi'. The younger siblings then imitated this; they were enthusiastic to see the unusual coloring technique and were happy to be able to create works of art using this technique.


Athi' feels happy to be able to teach this technique to his younger siblings. Remember that developing skills in the right brain is also important. This aligns with his research major, which discusses STEAM (science, technology, art, and mathematics), which is essential for real problems in the 21st century. From this activity, students can explore their creativity and imagination. Those who were initially only used to coloring using colored pencils can color with a new tool, crayons. Of course, this adds new knowledge and experience for them in creativity. During the group drawing activity, the crayons and colored pencils provided by Athi were limited, so many students had to wait in turn to use them. "Yes, even so, I hope this fun activity can help the little ones a little bit," said Athi', whose illustration work has been exhibited in South Korea.