Dinner with Yala Rajabhat University and FMIPA UNY

On November 30, 2023, an important meeting was held at Bumbu Desa Restaurant between delegates from Yala Rajabhat University, led by Assist. Prof. Dr. Roseleena Anantanukulwong, and a team from the Physics Education Department, FMIPA UNY. This meeting was attended by the Head of the Physics Education Department, Prof. Heru Kuswanto, Physics Study Program coordinator, Dr. Supardi, coordinator of the Physics Education Study Program, Dr. Kuncoro, Secretary of the Department of Physics Education Dr. Rida SN Mahmudah, and Chair of the FMIPA Collaboration Unit, Isti Yunita S.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.

The main focus of this meeting was to evaluate the credit transfer program which will take place in 2023. In this program, two students from Yala Rajabhat University have participated in learning at the FMIPA UNY Physics Study Program for three months. This evaluation aims to identify successes and areas that require improvement in the student exchange program.

Apart from evaluation, this meeting also discussed plans for credit transfer cooperation for the future. Yala Rajabhat University invited the Physics Study Program FMIPA UNY to send its students back to Thailand as part of a student exchange program. It is hoped that this opportunity will provide sustainable benefits for both institutions in terms of exchange of knowledge and cultural experiences.

One of the other important topics discussed was opportunities for collaboration in joint research and publications. Both institutions expressed interest in collaborating on research projects that could result in joint publications. This is considered an important step in improving the quality of research and international visibility of both universities.

This meeting marked a significant step in strengthening relations between Yala Rajabhat University and FMIPA UNY. Both parties emphasized the importance of international cooperation in higher education and were committed to continuing to develop programs that could provide benefits to both universities.

With this meeting, Yala Rajabhat University and FMIPA UNY hope to expand their collaboration not only in the field of education, but also in research and cultural exchange. Both institutions hope that this collaboration will open up more opportunities for students and staff to gain international experience and improve the quality of education and research at both universities.

The meeting at the Bumbu Desa Restaurant ended with a joint commitment to continue and deepen this collaboration in the future, with the hope that this will have a positive impact on the academic communities in both countries.