How to make learning Physics fun and how to implement it in everyday life is a challenge for the younger generation, especially students. Until now, physics lessons are still a scourge for students. So we need interesting applications so that elementary, middle school, high school students, etc. can be welcomed by students and make learning fun. This was conveyed by the Chancellor of Yogyakarta State University, Prof. Dr. Sutrisna Wibawa when opening the National Seminar on Physics and Physics Education at FMIPA UNY, Saturday, 7/10/17.

Furthermore, several scientists in the world recognize the role of physics in world movement. The existence of planes, cars, motorbikes cannot be separated from the role of physics. With Physics, science and the world will develop and play a role in life. In the world, there is something that unites the movement of the world and physics plays a role in that.

“The incident where people died from electric shock, that wouldn't have happened if we knew the basics of physics. "So physics is very close to human life," he added.
Speaker Dr. Eng. Nugroho Agung Pambudi from the Analysis Division / Research Associate I2CNER Kyushu University in his presentation entitled Shaping Success with a Growth Mindset, said that to define the word success, the most important thing is to ask yourself "what kind of success do you want to achieve". Some individuals will never achieve success because there is no clear definition of the meaning of success for them. They live life without a clear direction and only focus on small things, not on big goals.

Growth mindset is the foundation while action is the key that plays a big role in achieving success itself. Sports figures like Michael Jordan spend thousands of hours practicing continuously to improve his basketball skills. What makes him successful is his never-ending desire to be the best
“By using the growth mindset character and actions to achieve success, new skills will emerge. The question is how difficult it will be to learn the new skill. Josh Kaufman's character simplifies the skill acquisition technique from 10,000 hours to just 20 hours. The 10,000 hours stated by previous researchers is related to high-level and world-class expertise. But to master skills well, 20 hours is very enough," he explained.

Scientist Kaufman explains that the amount of time to acquire a new skill is related to how much time is concentrated in the practice. The quality of practice plays a greater role than quantity. For example, someone who has studied guitar for 3 years can be just as good as someone who has studied for 13 years.
Meanwhile Dr. Eng. Alamta Singaribuan, M.Sc. from Physics ITB, Dr. Eng. Alamta Singarimbun, M.Sc., in his presentation entitled Development of Technological Innovation in the Field of Physics Education in an Effort to Improve the Quality of Learning, explained that Physics must continue to be developed as a basic science that supports technological progress for the welfare of humanity. For this reason, reliable human resources are needed that are formed as early as possible.

The human resources are the students. The first step is to get students to have a great interest in Physics. In order for Physics to be interesting for students, teachers must be creative and innovative. With their creations and innovations, students are brought closer to their natural surroundings to observe the natural processes that occur that they actually experience every day. They will be more responsive, reason and think more smoothly. In this case, the role of teachers and educators is very important to make Physics interesting for their students. In this regard, teachers must broaden their horizons in Physics through a process of training and further education. Teachers must always try to train themselves to observe natural phenomena. (witono)