7 students from the Physics Education Department took part in the ONMIPA-PT regional level V selection

Diponegoro, Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto TR-III/430, Tegalrejo, Tegalrejo District, Yogyakarta City, the 2019 regional level V ON MIPA-PT selection test took place.

The 2019 National Mathematics and Natural Sciences Olympiad for Higher Education was attended by 408 participants from 23 universities in the Yogyakarta area. They competed in the mathematics, physics and chemistry and biology competition categories. The Physics Education Department delegated 7 students to take the selection test. The following is a list of UNY physics student delegates:
1. Athi' Nur Auliati Rahmah
2. Chica Puspita Arum
3. Pramudya Wahyu Pradana
4. Endah Malika
5. Nita Ika Ramadani
6. Pita Purnomo
7. Tough Ari Widianto

Hopefully you will achieve success and make your alma mater proud.