Students of UNY Win Gold and Special Awards at AISEEF 2021

The UNY team consisting of Febriani (Physics Education 2017), Athi' Nur Auliati Rahmah (Physics Education 2018), Pramudya Wahyu Pradana (Physics Education 2017), and M Farhan Aziz (Electrical Engineering Education 2018) succeeded in achieving Gold in the Innovation Science and Malaysia categories. Special Award for Invention, Innovation and Creativity Association (MIICA) at the 2021 ASEAN Innovative Science Environmental and Entrepreneur Fair (AISEEF) international research event, announced on February 23, 2021.


AISEEF is a creativity contest in science, environment, and entrepreneurial innovation among students from Southeast Asian countries. This competition is divided into four categories: Entrepreneur, Social Science, Environmental Science, and Innovation Science.


The winning masterpiece entitled 'Improving the Light Quality of Night Lights Using Carbon Dots from Eucalyptus Oil Industrial Waste' certainly cannot be separated from the guidance of Mr. Fika Fauzi, M. Sc. and Mr. Wipsar Sunu Brams Dwandaru, Ph.D..... Furthermore, this scientific paper research results from developing the 70 Title Student Creativity Program funded by FMIPA UNY. Hopefully, this achievement can motivate other students to continue researching. Viva UNY!