After graduating from the Strata One (S1) program, it is hoped that graduates will not return home immediately, but are expected to immediately continue their studies to a higher level. This is because at this time, if you want to become an educational worker, the minimum requirement is a master's degree. Currently, Dikti provides many excellent scholarships.

This was stated by the Dean of FMIPA UNY at the graduation ceremony for FMIPA UNY graduates, Friday, 1/6 in the courtyard of the FMIPA building. The FMIPA graduates, totaling around 210 graduates, came accompanied by their parents or close relatives.

Furthermore, the Dean said, if you still choose to go home, immediately serve in their respective regions to practice the knowledge gained during college. In addition, they must also be devoted to their parents, religion, and nation.

Meanwhile, H. Suherman, the representative of the parents of graduates from Banten, said that none of the UNY graduates who are currently in Banten are disappointing. We will suggest about the advantages of UNY in the Banten area.

"We are grateful to UNY for educating our children, so that they have changed from being tuna in the field of education to now being educated children," he said.

Yuli Estrian, a graduate from Physics Education, winner of the Outstanding Activist Award, in his speech said, with an award like this, hopefully it can motivate the younger generation to excel both in the field of reasoning and in other fields. (witono)